How Much Soil Do I Need?

Got some pots or raised beds to fill? Use the soil calculator to find out how much soil you'll need...  (No math required.)

- Containers (rectangle or circle) - Raised Beds (rectangular)

Calculates Soil For:

Basic Soil Volume Formulas:

- Round Pots:

- Raised Beds & Rectangular Containers:

π * R² * depth = Volume

length * width * depth = Volume

How Many Bags Of Soil Do You Need?

- 5-Gal Bucket

- 10-Gal Grow Bag 

- 4x4 Raised Bed (10" depth) 

1 bag of soil (1.5 cu ft) fills about 2 buckets

1 bag of soil (1.5 cu ft) 

9 bags of soil (1.5 cu ft ea. bag)

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