Types of Habaneros

Habaneros come in many varieties. Learn about different types of Habaneros including the:

- Colors - Flavors  - Scoville Heat Units (SHU)

Orange Habanero

- Flavor: fruity, citrusy, floral  - Heat: up to 350,000 SHU

Green Habanero

- Flavor: vegetal, similar to orange,  slightly bitter  - Heat: less spicy

Red Habanero

- Flavor: fruity and extra hot - Heat: up to 500,000 SHU

White Habanero

- Flavor: citrusy, less of a floral taste - Heat: up to 500,000 SHU

Black Habanero

- Flavor: smoky, earthy, citrusy - Heat: hottest Habanero - up to 577,000 SHU

Other Types Of Habaneros Include: 

- Peach Habanero

- Mustard Habanero

- Big Sun Habanero

- Condor's Beak Habanero

- Pumpkin Habanero

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