The Chile Plant Hospital

A Quick Guide to Diagnosing and Treating Common Pepper Plant Problems

The Chile Plant Hospital Ebook Cover

About The Chile Plant Hospital

When I first started growing chillies, my plants would show signs of distress and I had no idea how to fix them. This is the ebook I wish I had because it helps you diagnose common problems and fix them.


What’s Happening To These Plants?

yellowing pepper leaves
Yellowing Leaves

On the left, we have some yellowing leaves. One reason they might do this is when they lack magnesium. (CalMag or epsom salts helps!)

On the right, leaves are curling upward due to thrips. An organic, insecticidal soap fixes this. (Recipe included in the ebook.)

pepper leaf curling up
Leaf Curl


What’s In The Chile Plant Hospital?

The Chile Plant Hospital Ebook Cover

The Chile Plant Hospital is a PDF ebook that helps you troubleshoot:

  • Insect problems
  • Plant deficiencies
  • Plant diseases
  • Other issues that affect pepper plants

This quick reference guide will give you the exact remedy you need for each problem so you can fix your plants fast.

This is the resource I rely on to take care of my own plants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do ​You Use Organic Methods?

Absolutely! We believe that organic pest/disease control is better for your plants, your peppers and the environment in general. Your first lines of defense are good plant nutrition and beneficial insects, but you’ll learn other natural solutions too.

​Q: What Will This Ebook Teach Me?

​You’ll be able to recognize signs of pest damage, nutrient deficiency, disease and other issues that can affect your pepper plants. Each description will also include a remedy so you can take action immediately to correct problems before they get out of hand or affect other nearby plants.

Q: ​How ​Will I Get My Purchase?

The Chile Plant Hospital comes in PDF format so you will instantly receive a download link after payment is received. You can access your e-book file on your computer as well as mobile devices.

Q: Do You Offer Refunds?

We would like you to be happy with your purchase, however, our digital products are non-returnable and non-refundable. Please read our Terms Of Use regarding refunds before making your purchase. We are always here for support as you use your product.

(Your PDF Ebook will be available for instant download after payment.)