About Grow Hot Peppers

At Grow Hot Peppers, we’re here to celebrate your passion for chili peppers. 🌶

Our mission is to show you how to start growing peppers in containers so you can enjoy all the pepper varieties you love, even if you only have a small space to grow plants.

Hi, I’m Jenny and I run this site with my partner Jesse (you’ll meet us soon). Welcome! 😀

Besides growing peppers, we share spicy recipes, talk hot sauce, and provide gardening guides for veggies that compliment peppers in recipes.

What You’ll Find Here

Our Story

Grow Hot Peppers (GHP for short) was created when Jenny struggled with growing Habaneros in a small apartment patio. She found that most gardening tutorials focused on in-ground gardening or didn’t provide the step-by-step instructions that newbie gardeners really need to actually grow something. Jenny’s journey to growing thriving pepper plants — and later all kinds of plants — inspired her to help other would-be pepper growers facing similar challenges.

From these early days, Grow Hot Peppers now serves over 1,000 daily visitors who use our chili pepper guides to discover new varieties and grow the peppers they love.

Who We Are

Jesse and I are the team at GrowHotPeppers.com. Our content comes from our own growing experiences, our favorite spicy dishes, and being pepper enthusiasts — we know what it’s like to dedicate huge portions of the pantry and refrigerator to all those hot sauces, pepper powders, and spicy condiments that make food and drinks taste SO much better.

Jenny T.B. at Grow Hot Peppers

Jenny T.B.

founder, writer, pepper gardener

Jenny is the creator of Grow Hot Peppers. She is a self-taught gardener and has been growing peppers and a plethora of veggies for over 10 years. When she’s not writing or gardening, she loves eating spicy foods, hiking, and going to the ocean.

Jesse B. avatar at Grow Hot Peppers

Jesse B.

co-founder, writer, hot sauce expert

Jesse has been eating hot peppers since her earliest grade school days when she and her friends would come up with spicy challenges. Now, she is our hot sauce expert and spicy challenge tester. She is also a certified bartender, and uses her knowledge to craft delicious spicy cocktails where the flavors of alcohol and peppers complement each other.

Our Responsibility

At Grow Hot Peppers, we believe in publishing the highest quality content possible. Our information is designed to help you accomplish what you came here to do!

  • We write gardening tutorials based on our years of experience (that includes failures too, lol!)
  • We research and link to the highest quality sources to support gardening data
  • We regularly update our pages with the latest information

What’s Next?

If you’re here, it means you love pepper gardening and spicy food. Join our community to enjoy what we have to offer!

We hope you enjoy the content that we work so hard to put together. If you have suggestions for making this site better, please contact us at: info@growhotpeppers.com