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Pepper Guides

Buy Pepper Seeds

buy pepper seeds

Where to buy pepper seeds and plants online. Includes super hots, isolated seeds & heirloom and rare pepper seeds.

Start Pepper Plants

the pepper seed starting guide by grow hot peppers

Grow seeds into healthy pepper plants that are ready for the outdoors. PDF ebook.

Treat Pepper Problems

the chile plant hospital ebook

Quick guide to diagnosing and treating common pepper plant problems. PDF ebook.

Seed Starting Supplies

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Seedling Mix


Organic, 16-quart mix for starting seeds.

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Seedling Heat Mat

Vivosun seedling heat mat

Seed Starter Kit

Bootstrap Farmer 72-cell seed starting kit with seed tray, cell tray & humidity dome.

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Seed Starter Trays

Smaller, 6-cell seed starters. Ideal for growing the same varieties together.

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Growing Containers

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Fabric Pots

7-Gallon, 10-pack grow bags on Bootstrap Farmer. Use in grow tents or outdoor planting.

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EarthBox Garden Kit

EarthBox organic garden kit. Holds up to 6 pepper plants in 29″ x 13.5″ space.

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Click & Grow Indoor Kit

Indoor hydroponics grow system. Grow Piri Piri, purple peppers & small chilies. Use code CLICKANDGROWHOTPEPPERS for 15% off.

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Liquid Nutrient Trio

FoxFarm liquid nutrient trio for each stage of plant growth.

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Neptune Organic

Neptune’s 100% organic fish & seaweed fertilizer.

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FoxFarm Cal-Mag

FoxFarm Bush Doctor Cal-Mag helps prevent blossom end rot (BER).

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Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) supports green foliage & better nutrient uptake.

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Gardening Tools

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Hand Trowel

DeWit forged hand trowel for roots and planting.

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Frost Plant Cover

Plant cover protects against damage of freeze and frost.

Pruning Shears

Vivosun gardening shears ideal for pruning plants.

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Garden Sprayer

Chapin 48-oz adjustable nozzle sprayer. Use for fertilizing & other garden needs.

Plant Grow Lights

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T5 Fluorescent

Hydrofarm T5 fluorescent grow light system. Comes in 2-ft and 4-ft sizes.

Spider Farmer SF1000

Spider Farmer full spectrum LED grow light for indoor plants.

Mars Hydro TS-1000

Mars Hydro TS-1000W full spectrum LED grow light. Max coverage 3ft x 3ft.

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Microgreens & Sprouts

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microgreen seed assortment

Microgreen seeds kit. 12 pack assortment.


1020 microgreens trays. 2 trays without holes.


Soil-based microgreens starter kit.


Sectional hydroponic microgreens starter kit.


LED grow light. 2ft, full spectrum, linkable.


broccoli sprouting seeds

Broccoli sprouting seeds. Non-GMO & heirloom.


Handy Pantry stackable sprouter

Handy Pantry sprouting kit. 3 stackable trays.


sprouting jar

Natural Roots sprouting jar. Wide mouth quart size.

Potting Soil

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Note: It’s cheaper to purchase soil locally, but if you can’t find good options nearby, the following products are available online.

Seedling Mix

Organic, 8-quart mix for starting seeds.

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FoxFarm Potting Soil

FoxFarm 12-quart potting soil. Organic blend ideal for containers. Larger sizes available.

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Organic Compost

Dr. Earth 1.5 cubic feet organic compost. Great as mulch and for amending soil.

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Fresh Peppers & Plants

Fresh Peppers

fresh hot peppers by mail

Variety of peppers (fresh & dried). Options vary by season.

Pepper Plants

live pepper plants

All kinds of pepper plants. Availability varies by season.

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Spicy Kitchen

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Kitchen Tools

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Hot Sauce Kit

Hot sauce making kit. Includes heirloom peppers, recipes, bottles & labels.


Excalibur 9-tray food dehydrator ideal for drying chilies. Features 26-hour timer & thermostat that ranges from 105°F to 165°F.

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Secura grinder for coffee & spices. Grind dry chilies and make your own pepper powders.

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Hot Sauce

Marie Sharp's Habanero pepper sauce white label

Marie Sharp’s #1 selling Habanero pepper sauce. Use code GHP10 for discount.

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Dried Peppers

dried peppers online

Variety of dried peppers online. Selection varies by season.

Pepper Powder

pepper powder online

Pepper powders for all kinds of chile varieties. Options vary by season.

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