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About Grow Hot Peppers


I’m Jenny, the creator of Grow Hot Peppers, and I run this fiery site with my partner Jesse.

Our Mission: We’re here to help you grow your favorite hot peppers in pots (mild is okay too 😉) so you can make the spicy recipes you want without being limited to what’s in stores.

Why pots? Not everyone has land for an in-ground garden — container gardening helps you grow peppers in a way that fits your space. It’s beginner-friendly too!

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Gardening Tools & Resources

pepper flavor wheel graphic

Pepper Flavor Wheel

Explore the rich flavors & heat of 25 peppers.

when to plant peppers home page

Planting Calculator

When to plant peppers indoors by location.

Gardening Supplies

Best tools for growing peppers & more.

Pepper Growing Ebooks

the pepper seed starting guide by grow hot peppers

Learn step-by-step how to start peppers from seed and grow them into outdoor-ready plants.

the chile plant hospital ebook

A quick guide to diagnosing and treating some of the most common pepper plant problems.

More Edible Gardening

Looking to add to your pepper garden? Learn about pepper companion plants, plus get my growing guides for microgreens and sprouts — they’re delicious in tacos and spicy recipes!