Growing Peppers

Welcome to our guides on growing peppers in containers! 🌶 Find everything you need to start seeds indoors, grow pepper plants, and harvest chillies. Discover the best soil, fertilizer, and growing conditions for max fruit production. And don’t forget companion plants that help peppers thrive!

Garden Resources

Want complete guides on growing & caring for pepper plants?

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These step-by-step illustrated ebooks walk you through all the steps of growing peppers and keeping plants healthy. Skip the beginner mistakes and enjoy harvesting your homegrown chillies!


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Growing Supplies

Here are some of our top recommendations for pepper growing supplies.

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Grow Pepper Ebooks

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In depth guides on growing peppers and treating pepper plant pests & disease.

Seed Starter Kit

Bootstrap Farmer seed starter kit & humidity dome

Seedling Heat Mat +

VIVOSUN seedling heat mat & thermostat combo

Plant Grow Light

MARS HYDRO TS1000W LED grow light

Liquid Fertilizer

FoxFarm liquid nutrient trio soil formula

Organic Potting Soil

FoxFarm Ocean Forest potting soil

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