51+ Perfect Gifts for Hot Sauce Lovers (2024)

Here are the best gifts for hot sauce lovers in 2024. Find hot sauce gift packs and other spicy ideas that’ll thrill any heat seeker.

gifts for hot sauce lovers

I’m very much into hot sauce, but Jesse absolutely LOVES it. If there is something she would save from a burning building before me, it would be her hot sauce collection. 😆

So what do you get chili heads who own hot sauce challenge boxes, limited editions, signed collector bottles and too much to list?

The answer is in my curated guide to gifts for hot sauce lovers (plus ideas to go with hot sauce gifts). Each item is picked based on personal experience and rave reviews from other chileheads.

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Best Gifts for Hot Sauce Lovers: Top Picks

Best Gift For Hot Sauce Makers
DIY Hot Sauce Making Kit

The Fruit & Veggie Kit on Click & Grow

Best Hot Sauce Gift For Gardeners
Click & Grow Smart Garden Kit

Best Spicy Gift For Foodies
TRUFF Gourmet Hot Sauce Set

Booze-Infused Hot Sauce Trio On Uncommon Goods

Best Hot Sauce and Alcohol Gift
Booze-Infused Hot Sauce Trio

Keep scrolling for all 51+ of the best hot sauce gifts that the chiliheads in your life will genuinely enjoy.

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Hot Sauce Collections

Find hot sauce gift sets and hot sauce variety packs here.

1. Tame-To-Insane Challenge Fuego Box

Best Hot Sauce Collection

  • 11 mild to extreme hot sauces
  • Perfect for adventurous hot sauce lovers

This is one of our fave hot sauce sets because of the variety of delicious sauces in a gift-worthy box. The 10 full-size bottles plus one Carolina Reaper tincture challenge tasters to test their heat tolerance, from mild to extremely hot. Ideal for chileheads who enjoy flavor-forward sauces.

2. Hot Ones Hot Sauce 10-Pack Season 19

  • Includes hot sauce lineup from Hot Ones YouTube series
  • From mild The Classic to hottest Last Dab

Fans of the Hot Ones series will appreciate this hot sauce pack. Featuring ten brands, you get all the sauces in Season 19, from mild to super hot. This is another hot sauce box in our collection that we highly recommend!

3. Melinda’s Habanero Hot Sauce Variety Pack

  • 3 pack includes Extra Hot, XXXX Reserve & Ghost Pepper Sauce

Melinda’s is a well-loved hot sauce brand in the pepper community. This variety pack contains three Habanero sauces that go from mild to extremely hot. Perfect for people who love the Habanero pepper flavor.

4. Tabasco Hot Sauce 6 Flavor Gift Pack

  • 6 flavors: Original, Buffalo, Jalapeno, Chipotle, East Asian Sweet & Spicy and Cayenne Garlic

Tabasco lovers will enjoy this six bundle variety pack of sauces. Heat levels range from low to moderate heat. Many of these flavors are hard to find in store!

5. Heartbeat Hot Sauce 4 Pack

  • 4 pack: Pineapple Habanero, Red Habanero, Blueberry Habanero & Jalapeno
  • Small batch, handmade, vegan & preservative free

Known for tasty flavor profiles, this set of four hot sauces features gourmet combinations of fermented peppers and high quality ingredients. This is great for hot sauce connoisseurs who stay away from chemical preservatives.

6. Marie Sharp’s Chef’s Choice Set

Best Under $25 (Coupon Code: GHP10)

Marie Sharp's Chef's Choice 4-Pack Set
Marie Sharp’s Gift Set
  • 4-pack: Green Nopal Habanero, Original Hot, Garlic Pepper, Sweet Habanero + Free Mini
  • Woman owned pepper sauces from Belize
  • Coupon Code: GHP10

One of my absolute favorites, this collection of Belizean pepper sauces is well worth it at under $25 (use code GHP10 for discount). This hot sauce package features four of Marie Sharp’s best sellers plus a free mini bottle of mystery sauce. These sauces are addicting!

7. Tabasco Hot Sauce Mini Bottles & Travel Tin

  • 10 mini Tabasco sauces: Original, Green Pepper & Chipotle
  • Travel tin included

Here’s a gift for Tabasco hot sauce fans on the go. These ten mini hot sauces (0.75 oz) are great as a white elephant gift idea or stocking stuffer, and the included metal tin makes it ideal for traveling (e.g., campsites, picnics, or restaurants).

8. Ujjo Hot Sauce For Coffee Sampler Pack

ujjo hot sauce for coffee sampler pack on bespoke post
Ujjo Hot Sauce For Drinks/Bespoke Post
  • The Sweeter One (notes of cocoa, cinnamon, vanilla & molasses)
  • The Spicier One (notes of citrus, cayenne & ginger)
  • Gluten free

Yes, hot sauce for coffee is a thing! This two-pack contains a sweet bottle that offers smokey spice to drinks and desserts like dark roast, black tea and chocolate ice cream. The spicy option offers heat for lighter roasts, horchata, vanilla ice cream and more. This gift works well for people who love hot sauce on everything.

9. Hot Sauces Of America Gift Box

hot sauces of America on Uncommon Goods
Hot Sauces of America/Uncommon Goods
  • 5 sauces: Chesapeake Bay, Georgia, Texas, Virginia & Florida
  • Made in Virginia

This Americana collection features the regional flavors of five locations: Chesapeake Bay jalapeno pepper sauce, Georgia blackberry smoke, Texas pepper sauce, Virginia jalapeno pepper sauce and Florida datil peppers. These sauces can be enjoyed on their own, or mixed with other condiments and rubs.

10. Farmer’s Market Hot Sauce 4 Pack

Farmer's Market Hot Sauces on Uncommon Goods
Farmer’s Market Hot Sauce/Uncommon Goods
  • 4 bottles: Habanero Carrot Curry, Serrano Ginger Lemongrass, Red Chili Lime & Smoked Habanero Barbeque
  • Handmade in Oregon

These small-batch hot sauces consist of farm-fresh signature blends. Heat levels range from sweet to not too hot. Pepper-loving foodies will enjoy using these sauces in many ways — for example, as dips, dressings, on grilled food and in recipes.

11. Microdose Hot Sauce Set

Microdose Hot Sauce Set on Uncommon Goods
Microdose Hot Sauce Set/Uncommon Goods
  • Peppers: Aji Limon, Jigsaw Fire Cider, Caribbean Red, Carolina Reaper
  • Farm-to-Bottle From Pennsylvania
  • Pure Pepper Extracts

This microdose hot sauce set contains pure pepper extracts without all the vinegar and filler in traditional sauces. Adding a few drops “doses” food and drinks with instant heat and 100% pepper flavor!

Funny Hot Sauce Gifts

Discover funny hot sauce gift ideas and other hilarious spicy items here.

12. Ass Blaster Hot Sauce & Outhouse Box

Best Funny Hot Sauce Gift

  • Includes wooden outhouse
  • Made with 1 million Scoville Capsicum extract

This hot sauce and outhouse have a prominent place in my pantry. As such, I can tell you the sauce is hot and delicious! Spicy food lovers with a sense of humor will get a kick out of it, and enjoy reusing the outhouse box for new bottles (like we do).

13. Embroidered Flames Toilet Paper

embroidered flames toilet paper by CantSitStillCrafts on Etsy
  • Embroidered once on toilet paper
  • Design reads: “For the fire you will feel later”

Do you know chiliheads have their own toilet paper? Give this gag gift with a bottle of hot sauce — such as the Colon Cleaner –, and you’ve got the perfect funny pairing. 😀 It also makes a hilarious trophy for spicy competitions!

14. Colon Cleaner Hot Sauce

  • Caribbean mustard hot sauce
  • Flask bottle
  • Made in the USA

This mustard based hot sauce (another fave in our collection) is a bit hotter than Tabasco and flavorfully spicy from Habanero peppers. People who enjoy mustard and heat will love this sauce.

15. Hot Ones Truth Or Dab Game

  • Includes The Last Dab hot sauce
  • Ages 17+

Fans of the Hot Ones show can enjoy playing the game that challenges players to answer questions or face the wrath of the very potent hot sauce — The Last Dab (2 million Scoville heat units). It’s one of the funniest games that heat seekers can play with others.

16. Pocket Sriracha Keychain Bottle

  • Sriracha mini hot sauce keyring (3 pack)
  • Airport security friendly
  • BPA free

Here’s a way for Sriracha lovers to carry their hot sauce on a keychain or clipped to a bag. Each bottle holds 1.1 oz (roughly 3 TBSP) of sauce or other condiment of choice.

17. Squishable Hot Sauce Bottle

  • 7″ plush
  • Polyester fiber

Who doesn’t need a squishy bottle of hot sauce? Hot sauce lovers are sure to get a kick out of this cozy plush.

18. Custom Hot Sauce Holster

custom leather hot sauce holster by Copper Top Leather Shop on Etsy
  • Leather hot sauce holster
  • Various color options & sizes available
  • Can be engraved with initials, name or quote

Ever joke about somebody needing a hot sauce holster? Well, you found one! This custom holster attaches to a belt so that your hot sauce connoisseur never has to be without their favorite bottle.

Gifts For Hot Sauce Makers

Find DIY hot sauce kits, classes and more for people who enjoy making spicy concoctions.

19. DIY Hot Sauce Making Kit

Best Gift For Hot Sauce Makers

  • Heirloom peppers include Ancho pepper, chile Pasilla, Chipotle, Habanero & Ghost pepper
  • Everything needed to make hot sauce
  • Includes 7 recipes

This hot sauce kit has all the ingredients needed to make a range of customized heat levels, from mild to Ghost pepper spicy. Ideal for the chilehead who likes to cook and would enjoy making tasty hot sauces on the first try.

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20. DIY Tequila Infused Hot Sauce

  • Includes 2 ceramic hot sauce bottles
  • Tequila not included

Know a hot sauce fan who enjoys tequila? This DIY kit has dried peppers, spices, two display-worthy ceramic hot sauce bottles, and recipes to make a tequila-infused hot sauce. Your recipient just needs to add their favorite tequila.

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21. Hot Sauce Class By Uncommon Goods

DIY hot sauce class by Uncommon Goods
Hot Sauce Class/Uncommon Goods
  • Live, Online Class
  • Option to add hot sauce kit

This “Experience” by Uncommon Goods is a live, online video class that teaches you how to make your own hot sauce. Pick a date for this one-hour lesson, and choose whether you want to gift the hot sauce kit + class or just the class itself. (I’ve purchased both the kit and class and they are excellent!)

22. Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

make your own hot sauce kit on Uncommon Goods
Hot Sauce Kit/Uncommon Goods
  • Includes instructions, ingredients, 6 bottles & labels
  • Made in Oregon

This deluxe hot sauce kit includes peppers and spices that make unique creations (for example, Curry Pineapple, Campfire Chipotle and Guajillo Hot Sauce). You can purchase this kit on it’s own, or pair it with the hot sauce class (above).

23. Hot Sauce Bottles (12-Pack)

  • Includes dripper inserts, screw caps & shrink bands
  • Bottles have 5 oz capacity

These glass bottles are designed for hot sauce and offer a professional look with the included shrink bands. Great for the DIYer who needs more bottles than what typically come in hot sauce kits.

24. Chilli Oil Kit

Sichuan style chilli oil kit by NatesKitchen
Chilli Oil Kit/NatesKitchen
  • Includes square bottle & nozzle
  • Dried peppers: Long chillies, Facing Heaven chillies

Like hot sauce, chili oil is a tasty, spicy topping for practically everything — even vanilla ice cream! This Sichuan style chilli oil kit comes with the bottle, spices, chilies and instructions needed to make this deliciously hot condiment. (Just add oil.) This is ideal for the heat-loving foodie who wants something less acidic yet still hot.

Spicy Gifts For Foodies

Discover gourmet hot sauces, spicy condiments, kitchen must-haves and more.

25. TRUFF Gourmet Hot Sauce Set

Best Spicy Gift For Foodies

  • Includes Original, White Truffle Edition & Black Truffle Oil
  • Vegan & gluten free

What’s best for heat-loving foodies? Try gifting this gourmet set of best sellers from TRUFF. The hot sauces include infused ripe chili peppers, truffles and savory spices. (Yum!) And it all comes in an elegant box.

26. Benito’s Pepper Infused Vermont Maple Syrup

  • 3 Pack
  • Habanero, Ghost Pepper & Carolina Reaper Infused Syrups

If you know someone who eats everything spicy, these Vermont maple syrups will help them do that. Like spicy French toast! Each syrup is infused with a hot pepper: Habanero (hot), Ghost pepper (very hot) and Carolina Reaper (hottest). These syrups are versatile and can be used on desserts, in cocktails, as glazes and more.

27. Fermentation Kit For Hot Sauce & More

  • Turns 4 regular mouth mason jars into fermenters
  • Mason jars not included

Do you know a health conscious, spice-loving foodie? Here’s a fermentation kit that comes with everything needed (except the mason jars) to make fiery, probiotic superfoods like hot sauces, salsas and kimchi.

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28. Bees Knees Spicy Honey

  • Medium to high heat
  • Gluten Free & Paleo Friendly
  • Bottled in Brooklyn, NY

Here’s a gourmet honey that chileheads can appreciate. Made out of wildflower honey and Habanero, it’s delicious on all kinds of foods and drinks: for example, as a sweetener for baking, as a condiment on wings, and in cocktails like fiery margaritas. It’s the perfect blend of sweet and spicy!

29. Electric Spice Grinder

  • Grinds beans, spices and more
  • Dishwasher safe grinding bowl

Know someone who buys dried peppers or dehydrates their own? This electric grinder pulverizes dried chilies into flakes and powders for use in hot sauce and custom spice blends. (Chileheads always need a grinder just for peppers, so this is a useful gift!)

30. The Complete Hot Sauce Cookbook

By Michael Valencia

Here’s a cookbook that beginner hot sauce makers need! This book not only has 60 easy-to-make recipes from different countries, but it also describes different types of peppers and explains their heat on the Scoville scale.

31. Fiery Ferments Cookbook

By Kirsten K. Shockey & Christopher Shockey

  • 70 fermented condiment recipes
  • Hot sauces, chutneys, kimchis & more
  • Complements a fermentation kit

With 70 fiery fermented recipes for breakfast foods, snacks, entrées, and beverages, this cookbook makes the ideal gift for health-minded heat addicts. Recipes from around the world include Thai Pepper Mint Cilantro Paste, Mango Plantain Habanero Ferment, and Aleppo Za’atar Pomegranate Sauce.

32. The Spicy Food Lovers’ Cookbook

By Michael Hultquist

  • 75 easy & spicy recipes
  • Includes breakfasts (for dinner), slow cooker recipes & sauces

Designed for chiliheads, here are 75 easy recipes dedicated to enjoying that spicy life. These fiery meals explore all kinds of peppers and spice-rich cuisines like Indian, Italian and Mexican. This is ideal for the foodie that doesn’t shy away from big, bold flavors.

33. Whole Fresh Peppers

whole fresh peppers I purchased on Etsy
Whole Fresh Peppers/Etsy
  • Peppers based on availability & season
  • Search “fresh peppers” on Etsy

If you know someone that likes to cook with peppers, the Etsy online marketplace is fantastic for buying all kinds of hard-to-find chile varieties. Search a specific pepper name + “fresh peppers” (e.g., “Scotch Bonnet fresh peppers”), or just enter “fresh peppers” to see what comes up.

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Hot Sauce Gift Ideas For Gardeners

Find gardening kits and supplies for people who enjoy growing peppers for hot sauce.

34. Click & Grow Smart Garden Kit

Best Hot Sauce Gift For Gardeners

The Fruit & Veggie Kit on Click & Grow
Fruit & Veggie Kit/Click & Grow
  • Grow peppers & other plants indoors

This smart garden just needs an outlet and water to grow all kinds of peppers, foods, and flowers. These indoor growing kits come in different sizes (the smallest being 1’ long by 5” deep) and neutral colors that fit any decor. Perfect for the pepper gardener who has a shorter growing season or enjoys growing edible plants inside year-round.

35. Earthbox Original Gardening System

  • Original grows six pepper plants
  • Automatic watering
  • Measures 29″ long x 13.5″ wide

Pepper gardeners with little time and space will appreciate the EarthBox. I use the Original model to grow six pepper plants in a 29” long by 13.5” wide outdoor area. (This Habanero plant post has a pic of my peppers growing in one.) Bonus: EarthBox is a self-watering system and it’s easy to maintain. 

36. Live Pepper Plants

live pepper plant
Live Pepper Plants/Etsy
  • Pepper plants based on availability & season
  • Search “pepper plants” on Etsy

For the pepper plant lovers in your life, check out Etsy! This online marketplace has all kinds of varieties that aren’t in nurseries. Enter a chile name + “pepper plant” (e.g., “Carolina Reaper pepper plant”), or type “pepper plant” on its own to see what’s available.

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37. Chile Pepper Seed Collection

Chile Pepper Collection on Botanical Interests
Chile Pepper Collection/Botanical Interests
  • Includes 7 seed packets
  • Pepper ratings from 10k to 1 million Scoville Heat Units

This chile pepper collection is made for the grower who likes to start seeds. These popular varieties are perfect for making hot sauce and cooking with heat. I always get quality seeds from Botanical Interests and can highly recommend them!

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38. AeroGarden Indoor Garden System

  • Bounty Basic model
  • Grow up to 9 herbs, veggies or flowers indoors, year-round

The AeroGarden is another indoor gardening system that comes with everything needed to grow peppers inside. (The main difference between this system and the Click & Grow is that it uses hydroponic technology.) The Bounty and Farm family gardens tend to be best for growing peppers, according to AeroGarden.

39. Garden Drying Rack

Garden Drying Rack on Uncommon Goods
Flower & Herb Drying Rack/Uncommon Goods
  • Ripen peppers, dry chilies and more
  • Handmade in Tennessee

Pepper growers can end up with chilies that don’t have time to mature before the cold weather hits. One solution is to hang a branch of peppers indoors and upside down to ripen. This garden drying rack is a decorative solution ideal for gardeners who enjoy handcrafted items.

Hot Sauce Art Prints & Home Decor

Discover hot sauce home decor, spicy-themed clothing and more.

40. Hot Sauce Night Light

Best Hot Sauce Decor Gift

Tabasco bottle night light by RISELamps
  • 2 oz bottle
  • LED lights
  • Wooden base with wrapped burlap

Tabasco lovers have their own night light! This mini bottle has LED lights with sensors so it doesn’t get hot. As if this wasn’t cool enough, your recipient can add water and a drop of red food coloring to the bottle to create a more realistic look.

41. Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce T-Shirt

  • Faded Sriracha logo t-shirt
  • Available in red heather & white

Know someone who’s all about rooster sauce? Sriracha fans will love this vintage-looking t-shirt with the famous Huy Fong Foods logo. The shirt is faded for a well-loved appearance and extra comfort.

42. Hot Sauce Hoodie

hot sauce hoodie by oTZIshirts
  • Multiple colors available
  • Design reads: “I Put Hot Sauce On My Hot Sauce”

Many heat seekers are proud to show off their love hot sauce. Here’s a spicy hoodie for just that person!

43. Hot Sauce Bottles Art Print

hot sauce bottles art print by LindseyKayCo
  • Available in 10 sizes
  • Hand-drawn illustration of classic hot sauce bottles
  • Frame not included

Six classic sauces are hand drawn for the hot sauce addict who appreciates spicy decor. Available in 10 different print sizes, each option fits a standard frame (not included) and is the perfect vibrant addition to spice up a kitchen or other chosen area.

44. Chilli Peppers Of The World Dish Towel

chilli peppers of the world dish towel on Uncommon Goods
Chilli Peppers Dish Towel/Uncommon Goods
  • 49 chili varieties
  • British-made cotton tea towel

Here’s a tea towel ideal for the hot sauce connoisseur who’s into peppers. Forty-nine chili varieties, listed with their stats and suggested uses, make this towel a practical and fun addition to a kitchen.

45. Hot Sauce Ornament

hot sauce glass Christmas ornament by TinselHouse
Hot Sauce Ornament/TinselHouse
  • Handmade, glass Christmas ornament
  • 6”L x 1.5”W

Kitschy and spicy make the perfect Christmas ornament in a chilihead’s world! These glass hot sauce bottles are handblown and hand-painted so that hot sauce lovers can celebrate the holiday with a special decoration.

Hot Sauce and Alcohol Gifts

Find alcohol-themed hot sauces and gift ideas to make spicy cocktails.

46. Booze-Infused Hot Sauce Trio

Best Hot Sauce & Alcohol Gift

Booze-Infused Hot Sauce Trio On Uncommon Goods
Booze-Infused Hot Sauce Trio/Uncommon Goods
  • 3-pack
  • Liquor-infused hot sauces: Tequila, Bourbon and Moonshine
  • Made in Virginia

Spicy and spiked describe this trio of hot sauces. Each bottle pairs a specific pepper and complementary hooch to create an aromatic and flavorful sauce. Best for hot sauce fans who love bourbon, moonshine or tequila.

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47. Spicy Simple Syrup

spicy simple syrups on Uncommon Goods
Spicy Simple Syrup/Uncommon Goods
  • Includes Jalapeno & Basil Habanero
  • Small-batch syrups in glass bottles
  • Handmade in Kentucky

Spicy cocktail lovers can enhance margaritas, martinis and other concoctions with these fiery simple syrups. Each bottle (one has Jalapeno and the other Habanero) offers a spicy sweetness that can make 10 to 15 drinks, depending on how much fire your person likes. 

48. Alcohol Infusion Kit

  • Includes dehydrated Jalapenos, strawberries & lime
  • 16 oz. jar makes 7-8 cocktails
  • More spicy infusions: Island Time (pineapple, cinnamon & cayenne)

These alcohol infusion kits can make up to 8 spicy cocktails — just add a liquor of choice to the included ingredients. The Parrot Head kit (pictured) infuses dehydrated Jalapeno, strawberry, and lime. Perfect for the mixologist who has a taste for fire!

49. Scary Mary Mix

Scary Mary Mix on Bespoke Post
Scary Mary Mix/Stone Hollow Farmstead
  • Includes Cholula hot sauce, pepper pulp & tamarind
  • Family-made in Alabama

Here’s to the heat seeker that enjoys bloody marys! This Scary Mary mix offers a spicy kick with the included Cholula hot sauce and pepper pulp.

50. Spicy Margarita Cocktail Kit

spicy margarita cocktail kit by InBooze
Spicy Margarita Kit/InBooze
  • Dried ingredients: oranges, limes, grapefruit, pineapple & Jalapeno
  • Makes 8 to 10 cocktails
  • Sugar free & gluten free

This best-selling spicy margarita kit infuses fruits and Jalapeno for a nice kick of heat. The infusion bag gets added to a jar of desired tequila (~2 cups) and is ready in 3 days. Best for peppery cocktail lovers who don’t want a bunch of sugar in their drinks.

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51. Spiced Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit

spiced old fashioned cocktail kit on Uncommon Goods
Spiced Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit/Uncommon Goods
  • Makes 8 spicy Old Fashioneds
  • Includes Three Chile Simple Syrup

Know someone who loves craft cocktails and spicy heat? Here’s a spiced Old Fashioned cocktail kit that includes a three chiles simple syrup and everything needed to make these flavorful drinks. (Just add alcohol.)

What Goes With Hot Sauce As A Gift?

You can pair almost anything with hot sauce to make a great gift. For example, a hot sauce-making kit or class for DIYers, funny toilet paper for people with a sense of humor, a keychain bottle or hot sauce holster for those on the go, or hot sauce decor for your friends who love to show off their hot sauce addiction.


Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this insider look gives you plenty of gift ideas for hot sauce lovers (or yourself). 😀 I know this is a very long page, so here are my top picks again in case you need them.

If you’ve gotten this far, congrats! Here’s another suggestion for people that want to save some cash:

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