Jesse B.

Co-creator of Grow Hot Peppers
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Certified Bartender

About Jesse

Hmm. Can I be called a co-creator when I only help out?
And by helping, I mean tasting new hot sauces, trying out the latest spicy challenges, and eating healthy, organic hot peppers from Jenny’s garden.  I also get to play alchemist with alcohol and spicy peppers.
As the in-house “Tools and Technology” support, I maintain the site and write an article here and there. My love of habaneros, movies, Star Wars, and technology sometimes comes through in my writing. I also enjoy making videos, playing the drums, and PC gaming.
Grow Hot Peppers has allowed me to share my love for Habaneros. If I’m being honest, I think I talk about Habaneros in every article. Habaneros invoke memories of my family gatherings where we shared the most delicious Yucatecan food you could get and where habanero peppers were in all forms: fresh, pickled, in salsas, charred in a comal, and even in the dishes themselves.

Favorite Peppers & Hot Sauce

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