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Self-taught gardener with over 10 years experience.

About Jenny

As you may have read on the About page, I’m Jenny, the creator of Grow Hot Peppers, and I love spicy chili peppers — a lot! 🌶
I started growing peppers over a decade ago after Jesse introduced me to Habaneros and hot sauce (Tapatío, I think). I had absolutely NO tolerance for heat, but after I realized how much flavor — and endorphins — peppers offer, I was totally hooked on super hot chilies.
I’m now a self-taught gardener who grows spicy peppers and all kinds of heirloom veggies (basically, all the things that stores don’t carry). Grow Hot Peppers comes from my passion for growing and desire to help other chiliheads and beginner gardeners get the same joy that I do. 😀

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