How to Get Pepper Seeds for Planting + Germinating Seeds Indoors

Using pepper seeds for planting gives you the freedom to grow any kind of chile variety you want. However, starting seeds presents it’s own set of growing challenges.

For instance, you need to know when to sow pepper seeds, how to prepare seeds and how to get them to germinate (sprout).

And, then, there’s understanding what to do if your seeds don’t germinate at all. This is all before they even get planted.

But, don’t worry! It’s all covered in the articles below.

Plus, you may also want to know how to save pepper seeds too. In other words, what if you grow (or buy) some great chillies and you want to save those seeds to grow again? You’ll find help with that as well.

All of these pepper seed-starting ​posts are listed by the order you’ll likely need them. And, to date, our most popular seed topic is this germinating pepper seeds article.

NOTE: This post is a ​subset of the Growing Peppers page. Be sure to refer back to that page (also in the menu bar) for the full list of pepper-growing topics. These posts range from growing popular chile pepper varieties, such as Jalapenos and Ghost Peppers, to caring for your pepper plants in pots.

Pepper Seed Topics

This category covers all of the steps for starting seeds indoors. Topics include when to plant pepper seeds, how to get seeds to germinate and how to harvest your peppers for seeds to plant again.

Starting Seeds Indoors

​And for those of you who want a step-by-step, detailed growing guide that explains how to go from pepper seeds to outdoor-ready plants… Make sure to check out the updated and expanded Pepper Seed Starting Guide. I personally use this resource to grow my chillies each season, and I’m always here to answer questions!

How to Get Pepper Seeds for Planting + Germinating Seeds Indoors


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