30 Places to Buy Pepper Seeds Online (Rare Peppers, Superhots & More)

This is the updated pepper seed sellers list for 2024. Here’s where to buy pepper seeds online for all types of chillies and heat levels.

pepper seeds

You can find seeds for common pepper varieties, but what if you want rare pepper seeds or just have the urge to try something different? Even more, superhots like Ghost peppers, Carolina Reaper seeds and all those unique crosses can be hard to find if you don’t know where to look.

This page contains 30 places to buy pepper seeds. These seed vendors are on the list because I’ve personally had great experiences or my readers recommend them. I also went through a bunch of forums to see who other pepper growers feel offer quality seeds at a good price.

If you’re looking for a huge selection of pepper varieties, Etsy is my top pick. (More on that below.)

You may want different types of pepper seeds (e.g., superhots, heirloom, etc.). Sellers are listed under these categories to help you find what you want faster.

Note: The pepper seed varieties listed under the vendors may change by the time you read this. Contact the sellers directly with any questions.

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PSA from GHP 😁

As of October 9, 2023, the Guinness Book certified Pepper X, at 2.693 million SHU, as the new hottest pepper in the World.
Everyone wants Pepper X seeds, including us here at Grow Hot Peppers. Unfortunately, Ed Currie, the creator of Pepper X, has indicated that seeds won’t be available for a while [source]. For this reason, you won’t find any Pepper X vendors listed here.
While you wait, you can enjoy some Pepper X hot sauces like the ones we mentioned in our Top 11 Hottest Peppers in the World (2023).

All Pepper Seeds

Below, is one of my favorite places to buy pepper seeds online for different kinds of chillies and heat levels.

1. Etsy

pepper seeds for sale on Etsy

Etsy is a global online marketplace where you can find all kinds of pepper seeds for sale. I always check this site when I’m looking for unusual pepper varieties or prefer to buy pepper seeds near me.

Seed vendors from around the world (you may recognize some of them) offer endless chile varieties. For example, you can find exotic pepper seeds like the White Bell Pepper, Aji Charapita or purchase Dragon’s Breath pepper seeds if you really love nuclear heat.

Besides seeds, you can also buy pepper plants and even find fresh peppers for sale. Etsy (like Amazon) provides the convenience of being able to buy from different businesses with a single transaction.

» Etsy Pepper Seed Sellers: Bohica Pepper Hut, Pepper Joe’s, Sandia Seed Company, Spitfire Chillies

Carolina Reaper Seeds

Many online shops now offer Carolina Reaper seeds. The vendors below offer seeds beyond just the standard red reaper variety.

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young carolina reaper pepper
Young Carolina Reaper Pepper

2. Pepperlover (TN)

PepperLover website

Located in Tennessee, Pepperlover is an online shop that sells pepper seeds for all species and heat levels. This shop has many different kinds of Carolina Reapers listed in “The Hottest” category.

Two of Pepperlover’s new offerings in 2021 are the Carolina Reaper chocolate and yellow Carolina Reaper. You’ll also find other intriguing varieties like the Pink Reaper and Cream Reaper pepper.

3. PuckerButt Pepper Company (SC)

We couldn’t mention the reaper without bringing up PuckerButt Pepper Company (yes, that’s actually the name! 🤣). This company is founded by Ed Currie (Smokin’ Ed) — creator of the Carolina Reaper pepper.

Carolina Reaper seeds
My Carolina Reaper Seeds and Superhots from PuckerButt Pepper Company

Among the selection of reaper seeds and variants, you’ll find the Yellow Reaper Cross, Reaperuga (Carolina Reaper + Moruga) and Chocolate Reaper. PuckerButt Pepper Company is located in South Carolina.

4. Tradewinds Fruit (CA)

Tradewinds Fruit

Tradewinds Fruit is a California company known for carrying heirlooms like Aleppo pepper seeds that can grow in most climates. Besides rare chillies, you’ll also find intriguing varieties of the Carolina Reaper.

Under the “Super Hot Extreme Heat” category, some reaper colors include the Carolina Reaper peach pepper and the yellow reaper. They also have interesting crosses like the BOC Reaper Orange pepper, which is a mix of the Bhut Orange Copenhagen and the Carolina Reaper.

5. UK Chilli Seeds

At UK Chilli Seeds, you’ll find pepper seeds for all heat levels, hybrids, rare peppers and more. This online store in West Yorkshire also has a selection of seeds for reaper peppers that include natural variants and crosses.

Some of their offerings include the Carolina Reaper Burgundy and chocolate Carolina Reaper. They also have crosses like the Butch T Reaper and Clockwork Orange pepper (Trinidad Moruga Scorpion and Carolina Reaper).

6. White Hot Peppers LLC (IL)

White Hot Peppers sells mostly Capsicum Chinense pepper seeds in central Illinois. Most of their seeds are made up of stable land race and new cross varieties (some isolated seeds too).

And, speaking of new crosses, you’ll find an impressive selection Carolina Reaper seeds in this online shop. Variants and crosses include the Purple Reaper, Golden Reaper (Isolated), Reaper x Jay’s Peach Ghost Scorpion and NAR.

» More Carolina Reaper Seeds: Bohica Pepper Hut, Etsy, The Hippy Seed Company, Jimmy Pickles Product Line LLC, Sandia Seed Company, Semillas La Palma, Texas Hot Peppers, Towns-End Chili & Spice

Ghost Pepper Seeds

Like reapers, it’s becoming common to find ghost pepper seeds online and in stores. The following vendors sell seeds for different types of ghost peppers in addition to the original Bhut Jolokia variety.

7. Ghost Pepper Store (IL)

Located in Illinois, the Ghost Pepper Store carries ghost pepper seeds and other super hot varieties of peppers. They also sell fresh ghost peppers, which is great if you want to taste some of these ghosts ahead of time.

You can find variations like the Chocolate Ghost pepper and Yellow Ghost pepper. This store also has hybrid peppers like Jay’s Peach Ghost Scorpion (a cross between the Bhut Jolokia and Trinidad Scorpion).

8. The Hippy Seed Company (AU)

The Hippy Seed Company (one of my faves) is located in Australia. Their pepper seeds catalog includes lots of Bhut Jolokia varieties and chilies from around the world.

Hippy Seed Company
Note with Seeds from The Hippy Seed Company

Some Ghost pepper variants include the White Bhut Jolokia and Chocolate Bhut Jolokia. You can also get fun crosses like the Ghostly Jalapeno — a mix of the Bhut Jolokia and Jalapeno pepper.

9. Refining Fire Chiles (GA)

Refining Fire Chiles

Refining Fire Chiles in Georgia carries all types of chile varieties, heat levels and a unique selection of Native American pepper seeds. You can find ghost peppers (Bhut Jolokia), buy pepper plants and get dried peppers here.

Some of the ghost variants include the Yellow Bhut Jolokia pepper (yellow ghost pepper) and Mustard Bhut Jolokia. You’ll also find crosses like the Black Bhut Jolokia, which is a mix of the Pimenta De Neyde and Red Ghost pepper.

10. Sandia Seed Company (CA)

If you want a selection of ghost peppers, Sandia Seed Company in Utah has lots of options. This company also carries pepper seeds in all heat levels as well as a large selection of green pepper seeds.

ghost pepper seeds (Bhut Jolokia purple)
My Purple Ghost Seeds from Sandia Seed Company

Among their Bhut Jolokia offerings, you’ll find the White Ghost pepper and Purple Ghost pepper. Sandia Seed Company also has an Etsy shop and an Amazon store where you can find more of their pepper seed inventory.

11. Towns-End Chili & Spice (FL)

Towns-End Chili & Spice

Located in South Florida, Towns-End Chili & Spice carries lots of ghost peppers as well as other mild to superhot varieties. The focus is on the “obscure, unique and different” types of peppers.

You’ll find ghost variations like the Bhut Jolokia Chocolate and a green ghost pepper called the Green Goober Bhut. Other options include the Pink Tiger pepper (cross between Bhut Jolokia and Pimenta de Neyde) and the Naga Morich (close relative to the ghost pepper except hotter).

» More Ghost Pepper Seeds: Bohica Pepper Hut, Etsy, Pepper Joe’s, Pepperlover, PuckerButt Pepper Company, Semillas La Palma, Spices on the Web, Texas Hot Peppers, Tradewinds Fruit, UK Chilli Seeds, White Hot Peppers LLC

Heirloom and Rare Pepper Seeds

Heirloom pepper seeds are seeds that are at least 50 years old. Companies that carry rare pepper seeds offer varieties often described as “unique,” “different” or “exotic.”

Hot Fish Heirloom Pepper
The Hot Fish Is an African-American Heirloom Pepper

12. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds (MO)

The Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company in Missouri offers rare and heirloom peppers that range from sweet to super hot. This company works to preserve pure heirloom seeds from all different countries.

Rare pepper seeds and heirloom varieties
Some of My Pepper Seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Some of their bestselling items include Lesya pepper, Sugar Rush Peach pepper, the rare Buena Mulata pepper (hot) and Datil pepper seeds. Baker Creek is my favorite heirloom seed vendor.

13. Botanical Interests (CO)

Botanical Interests in Colorado sells heirloom, native and organic varieties of pepper varieties and other garden seeds. Pepper heat levels range from sweet up to the red Bhut Jolokia.

heirloom pepper seeds from Botanical Interests
My Pepper Seeds from Botanical Interests

You can get the pepper seed collection for an assortment of hot heirloom pepper varieties like the Santaka pepper, Thai pepper (hot) and Scotch Bonnet pepper. They also carry chile blends like their cayenne seeds that turn either red or yellow.

14. The Chile Pepper Institute (NM)

Chile Pepper Institute

Located in New Mexico, The Chile Pepper Institute is an international organization devoted to peppers. You’ll find many historical varieties along with a large selection of New Mexican (NuMex) pepper seeds.

Some of the NuMex pepper seed offerings include the NuMex Twilight and NuMex Big Jim pepper. Other seeds range from heirlooms like the Hontaka pepper to the Chilhuacle Amarillo — a rare pepper variety from Oaxaca, Mexico.

15. FataliiSeeds.net (FI)

FataliiSeeds.net carries chili seed kits and individual pepper seeds for many different species and heat levels. This online seller is located in Finland and ships to the EU.

Some of “Fatalii’s Favorites” include the Aji Cristal and rare Fidalgo Roxa. This vendor also offers chile seed kits like “Fatalii’s Twenty is Plenty,” which is great if you need help choosing what pepper varieties to grow or you just want to be surprised.

16. Jimmy Pickles Product Line, LLC (PA)

Jimmy Pickles Product Line

If you want isolated pepper seeds, Jimmy Pickles Product Line in Pennsylvania is a really good option. This seller grows plants under mosquito netting to keep their range of pepper seeds pure and minimize cross-pollination.

You’ll find seeds for heirlooms like the Trinidad Perfume and the Purple Jalapeno pepper. Other isolated pepper seeds include the 7 Pot Pickle and Orange Starfish pepper.

17. Kitazawa Seed Company (CA)

Kitazawa Seed Co Pepper page

Kitazawa Seed Company has been specializing in Asian vegetables since 1917. Located in California, this company provides seeds for harder-to-find varieties of peppers, herbs, veggies and edible flowers.

Some sweet pepper options include Fushimi pepper and Shishito pepper seeds. You can also get hotter varieties like the Thai Dragon pepper and Japanese Takanotsume pepper.

18. Redwood City Seed Company (CA)

Redwood City Seed Company

The Redwood City Seed Company in California has been selling heirloom and old-fashioned vegetable seeds since 1972. This company has a selection of pepper seeds that range from sweet to hot, and they offer helpful growing tips throughout the site.

You’ll find heirloom varieties that include the Cubanelle pepper, Malagueta pepper and Guajillo pepper seeds. At this time, you have to order by phone, mail or fax to purchase from this vendor.

19. SeedsNow (CA)


SeedsNow in California offers seeds for peppers, herbs, flowers, veggies and fruits that are GMO-free, organic and non-hybrid. Their pepper seeds catalog ranges from sweet to hot in a collection of heirloom varieties.

You can find unique bell pepper seeds like the Chocolate Bell pepper and the White Cloud (white bell pepper). Some hot pepper heirlooms include the Chocolate Habanero and Yellow Scotch Bonnet.

20. Tomato Growers Supply Company (FL)

Tomato Grower's Supply Company

Located in Florida, Tomato Growers Supply Company sells over 150+ pepper varieties and other garden vegetables. Their Non-GMO seeds include heirlooms and different kinds of unique chilies.

Popular heirloom varieties include the Lemon Drop pepper and Golden Greek Pepperoncini pepper. Under the “Specialty Peppers” sections, you’ll find options like the Sheepnose Pimento pepper and Sport pepper seeds.

21. True Leaf Market (UT)

True Leaf Market

True Leaf Market in Utah offers seeds for peppers and all kinds of gardening plants (even microgreens and sprouts). Their selection of organic, non-GMO seeds includes both heirloom and hybrid pepper options.

Some heirloom varieties include cayenne pepper seeds for the traditional red as well as the Golden Cayenne and Purple Cayenne pepper. You’ll find other intriguing options like the Caribbean Red Habanero and Purple Tiger pepper.

» More Heirloom and Rare Pepper Seeds: The Hippy Seed Company, Pepper Joe’s, Refining Fire Chiles, Semillas La Palma, Texas Hot Peppers, Towns-End Chili & Spice, Tradewinds Fruit

Super Hot Pepper Seeds

Chilies in the hottest peppers category typically rank close to 1 million Scoville Heat Units (SHU) or more. The hot pepper seed companies below have all kinds of superhots in addition to the Ghost pepper and Carolina Reaper.

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22. Bohica Pepper Hut (SC)

Bohica Pepper Hut

Bohica Pepper Hut in South Carolina specializes in super hot peppers (seeds, dried peppers and fresh peppers for sale). They carry lots of pepper seeds in the “Hot” to “Super Hot” range, which includes Ajis, 7 Pots, Scotch Bonnets and Scorpions.

You can buy chile seeds like the Komodo Dragon pepper, Lava Scorpion, 7 Pot Douglah x Reaper and Death Spiral pepper (variant of the Naga Bubblegum Red cross from the UK). Bohica Pepper Hut also has an Etsy shop and Amazon store where you can check for more of their super hot pepper seeds for sale.

23. Chilli Seed Bank (AU)

Chilli Seed Bank

Located in Australia, the Chilli Seed Bank sells pepper seeds from different countries in all species. Heat levels range from mild to super hot.

Some super hot peppers include the Bih Jolokia and Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Yellow. You can also buy hot pepper seed collections like the Mixed Moruga and World’s Hottest Mix for more variety.

24. Cross Country Nurseries (NJ)


Cross Country Nurseries (ChilePlants.com) has organically grown pepper seeds, chilli plants for sale and more. Located in New Jersey, this vendor carries seeds in heat levels that include “hot,” “very hot,” “extremely hot” and “super hot.”

Some of the seeds in the “extremely hot” category include the Fatalii pepper and Red Savina Habanero. Their hottest pepper seed section has options like the Infinity Chili and Brain Strain pepper (red and yellow).

25. Midwest Chileheads (KS)

Midwest Chileheads LLC

Midwest Chileheads in Kansas specializes in New Mexico chiles, and they have a good selection of extremely hot pepper seeds. Their “Superhots” page reads “All the superhot peppers rated over 1 million SHUs.”

Some bestselling chilies include the 7 Pot Primo and Dragon’s Breath pepper seeds. You can also find hybrids like the Naglah Brown (cross of Red Bhut Jolokia and Trinidad 7 Pot Douglah) and Wicked Ass Little 7 Pot (W.A.L. 7) — a mix of the 7-Pot Jonah and Trinidad Scorpion Butch T.

26. Pepper Joe’s (IA)

Pepper Joe's

Pepper Joe’s in Iowa has hot and exotic pepper seeds, hot pepper plants for sale and more. You’ll find novelty varieties like the Peter Pepper and super hot pepper seeds that go from 100K SHU to over 2 million on the Scoville heat scale.

In the 700K to 2M+ SHU range, you’ll find seeds that include the Apocalypse Scorpion, Jigsaw pepper, Chocolate Bhutlah and Caramel Trinidad Scorpion Moruga.

(New to Pepper Joe’s? Get 15% off your first order using code: GROWHOTPEPPERSPJ)

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27. Semillas La Palma (ES)

Semillas La Palma

Located in Spain, Semillas La Palma has over 500 varieties of pepper seeds online in different species and heat levels. Their hottest pepper seeds include lots of 7 Pots, Scorpions and extremely hot pepper crosses.

You’ll find superhots like the 7 Pot Chaguanas Yellow and Black Naga. Some of the hybrid seeds include the 7 Pot Bubblegum and Dragon’s Breath Stinger pepper.

28. Spices On The Web (UK)

Spices on the Web

The Spices on the Web company in England sells chile seeds in different heat levels, spice products and more. Level 5 (250K-900K SHU) and Superhot (1 million+ SHU) are their hottest pepper seed categories.

The Devil’s Tongue pepper (red and yellow) and Congo Peach are some of the level 5 seeds. You can find options like the Yellow Naga and 7 Pot White in the superhot category.

29. Spitfire Chillies (BE)

Spitfire Chillies

Located in Belgium, Spitfire Chillies has mild to extremely hot pepper seeds. Some of these hot chilies come in a seed bundle so you can get an assortment of varieties in one pack.

You can find options like the Black Panther Orange pepper and Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Chocolate. If you prefer seed collections, you can get the “Superhot pepper seeds pack,” which includes ghosts, scorpions and some lower-heat chilies like the Purple UFO pepper and Madame Jeanette pepper.

30. Texas Hot Peppers (TX)

Texas Hot Peppers

Texas Hot Peppers sells all types of chilies, from sweet to the hottest peppers. This business specializes in superhots as well as varieties that have a distinct look and taste.

Some of their bestselling pepper seeds include hot purple peppers like the MA Purple chile and BBG7 Midnight F3. You can also get the “#3 Super Hot Seed Collection” that has peppers like the Bleeding Borg 9 and Chocolate Primo Reaper (CPR).

» More Super Hot Pepper Seeds: Carolina Reaper Seeds, Etsy, Ghost Pepper Seeds, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Jimmy Pickles Product Line

Tips for Buying Pepper Seeds Online

Peppers have a very long growing season so you don’t want to have problems getting your seeds. Below, are some things to keep in mind when shopping for seeds online.

Isolated vs Non-Isolated Seeds

Isolated seeds come from plants where the grower took steps to prevent cross-pollination and ensure 100% purity. With non-isolated seeds, there’s always a chance that the peppers you grow won’t have the same characteristics as the original plant.

Choose isolated seeds if you want to make sure that your seeds are going to be stable. You might need to ask this question because the seller may not publish this information on the site.

» Isolated Pepper Seeds: Etsy, FataliiSeeds.net, Jimmy Pickles Product Line LLC, Refining Fire Chiles, White Hot Peppers LLC

International Shipping

When you purchase seeds from another country, check with the vendor to make sure they can ship packages to you. This USDA page has current information about receiving tomato and pepper seed shipments in the US.

grow tips

When growing far-away seeds, those plants aren’t always as vibrant as I’d expect. It’s possibly the climate difference. After growing out my plants, I’ll either save seeds from the peppers or overwinter the plants to grow next season. I usually have a better experience the second time around.

Beware of Scams

I know about someone that paid $20 for seeds that were supposed to be Ghost peppers but ended up being Jalapenos. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for “vendors” to steal pepper growers’ pictures and sell fake seeds to make a quick buck. You can follow these tips for safely buying pepper seeds online and ask around on gardening forums to see if someone has experience with a particular seed seller.

Brazilian Starfish Peppers
Brazilian Starfish Peppers

Final Thoughts

I hope this page gives you plenty of options so you know where to get pepper seeds for Carolina Reapers and pretty much every other variety. 🌶

As you can see, there are so many great places to find pepper seeds for sale. I have to caution you about one of my favorites — Etsy — simply because you have so many choices (temptations) when it comes to seeds, fresh peppers, plants, etc… I always end up buying seeds and plants even when I know there’s no more room for them. 🤣

What’s Next? After you buy your seeds, make sure you know when to start pepper seeds indoors.

Happy growing!

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