How to Grow Radish Sprouts in a Jar (In 5 Days!)

Radish sprouts are extremely nutritious. And, fortunately, they’re incredibly easy to grow at home. You don’t even need sun or soil.

Plus, if you’re short on space, you’ve found a perfect match. You’ll see how to grow radish sprouts in a jar, which just requires a little bit of room on your kitchen counter.

Even better:

You don’t have to wait a long time to harvest your food. Radish sprouts are ready in just five days.

radish sprouts in a jar

And, sprouting your own seeds definitely has its advantages. You’ll save money for one thing. You can also choose to grow daikon sprouts and other popular radish varieties.

So let’s get started. Whether your interested in picking up a new hobby or you want to become more self-sufficient with food, I hope you get a lot of value from this information.

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Radish Sprouts By Color

Before you start sprouting your seeds, think about the radish varieties you’d like to try.

Personally, I like to sprout colorful radishes just for the fun of it. 🙂 If you’d like to do the same, here are four different radish varieties (with their colors in parenthesis) that you might enjoy.

​Colorful Radish Varieties

  • Red Vulcano (red)
  • Daikon (green)
  • China Rose (pink)
  • Rambo (purple)
purple radish sprouts
Rambo Radish Sprouts

True Leaf Market has many different varieties of radish sprouting seeds (including the ones listed). For another option, here’s a colorful trio of radish seeds on Amazon.

​Seed Sprouting Supplies

You don’t need much to start sprouting. In fact, you probably have a lot of these items already.

Specifically, here’s what you’ll need:

radish sprouting seeds, sprout jar, filtered water and measuring spoon

Radish Sprouts Growing Instructions

Here are the steps to sprouting your radish seeds in five days. (There’s also a video and printable instructions further down the page.)

Soaking Radish Seeds

On the first day, add 2 to 3 TBSP of radish seeds to a clean mason jar. Fill the jar halfway with filtered water and then screw on the lid.

Now, place your jar in an area out of direct sunlight and in an open air environment. (For instance, the top of a kitchen counter.)

Draining and Rinsing Seeds

On the second day, drain the water out of the jar. (You don’t need to remove the lid as the water will come out of the holes in the top of the sprouting lid.)

Fill the jar with fresh water and then drain it out immediately again. This is how you rinse your seeds. Repeat this rinsing process again.

Now, position your jar in a bowl at an angle. This helps continually remove the excess water throughout the day.

Later on, repeat the rinsing process. If you rinsed your seeds in the morning, for example, do it again in the evening.

seed sprouting jar draining in a bowl
Draining Sprout Jar In A Bowl.

Daily Rinsing Schedule

For the remaining days, repeat the rinsing process two times a day. Be sure to put your jar back in the bowl (at an angle) so that the water continues to drain between rinses.

It’s very important to rinse your seeds and allow them to drain to keep bacteria from developing.

Are your radish sprouts fuzzy? Don’t worry! Those are just the tiny white root hairs that normally develop.

radish sprouts fuzzy tails growing through sprout lid
Radish Sprouts Growing Root Hair

Harvesting Radish Sprouts

By the fifth day, your jar should be filled with sprouts that are ready to eat! Simply give your sprouts a final rinse and then place them in a bowl.

You’ll probably notice some remaining radish seeds that didn’t sprout. To get rid of them, fill the bowl with water, then place your hand over the sprouts as you tilt the bowl to drain the water. Repeat this process as many times as you prefer.

How To Store Radish Sprouts

Sprouts are stored in the refrigerator after they’re dry. Use paper towels or a salad spinner to remove the moisture.

Afterwards, your radish sprouts can go in a container or plastic bag. I usually store mine in another jar with a sprouting lid for the airflow.

Be sure to eat your sprouts within 7 days.

Here’s a video that shows the whole process of growing radish sprouts in a jar.

How To Eat Radish Sprouts

If you eat mature radishes, you know that these veggies have a spicy flavor. Radish sprouts are no exception. In fact, I find that these sprouts have a very peppery and more intense radish flavor.

Raw radish sprouts can be added to so many meals where you want that crunchy, spicy kick.

Here are some suggestions:

  • On top of your tacos
  • Mixed in your soup
  • Added to a sandwich / wrap
  • ​Mixed in rice
  • ​On top of eggs
  • ​Mixed in a salad

These sprouts are also great on their own as a snack. You might find (like me) that once you have these sprouts in your fridge, you’ll often start adding them to everything!

vegetable salad with sprouts

When To Start A New Batch Of Sprouts

To keep a constant supply, I usually sprout new radish seeds after a couple of days. (Or, when I’ve eaten about half of my sprouts.)

You might want to do the same, and then adjust your growing schedule after you see how often you eat them.

Other Ways To Grow Radish Sprouts At Home

You’ve just learned about growing sprouts in a jar, but you have more options that you can use.

For example, other common methods include using sprouting containers, bags and trays. The sprouting method is similar in that you rinse seeds twice a day over a period of a few days. You might choose one over the other depending on how many radish sprouts you want to produce at a given time.

You can have multiple sprouting jars to increase your output, but you can also use something like these multi-level sprouting trays. For example, here’s how I use trays for growing broccoli sprouts.

Where To Buy Radish Sprouts

In the event that you don’t start sprouting radish seeds right away, you can buy sprouts that are ready to eat. (Be sure to download the instructions below so you can reference them when you’re ready.)

You can purchase radish sprouts in healthy food stores and farmer’s markets. If you happen to be looking for Kaiware sprouts — daikon radish sprouts used as a garnish, in salads and sushi — you can find them in Japanese and Asian grocery stores.

I hope this article gets you excited about sprouting seeds. Whether you call them radish sprouts or radish microgreens (some people do), it’s empowering to be able to grow these superfoods at home.

radish sprouts in a jar

How to Grow Radish Sprouts in a Jar

Yield: 1 Jar
Prep Time: 8 hours
Active Time: 30 minutes
Additional Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 9 hours
Difficulty: Easy

Radish sprouts are nutritious and easy to grow. Here's how to grow radish sprouts in a jar and bypass the need for soil, sun and a lot of space.



  1. Add 2 to 3 TBSP of radish seeds to a clean mason jar, fill the jar halfway with filtered water and screw on the sprouting lid.
  2. Place your jar out of direct sun and in an open air environment (such as the top of a counter). Leave it to soak overnight.
  3. Drain the water out of the jar. Fill the jar with fresh water and then drain it out immediately (rinse). Repeat this rinsing process a second time.
  4. Position your jar in a bowl at an angle. This continues to remove excess water.
  5. Rinse your seeds two times a day: once in the morning and once in the evening. (Do at least two rinses each time.) Always put your jar back in the bowl so it can continue to drain any leftover water.
  6. Watch your seeds for progress. By the fifth day, your jar should be filled with sprouts that are ready for the next step.
  7. Give your sprouts a final rinse, then place them in a bowl. Fill the bowl with water, place your hand over the sprouts and then drain the water. (This step gets rid of the remaining seeds. Repeat as many times as you prefer, as this is a personal preference.)
  8. Dry your sprouts using paper towels or a salad spinner. Put your dry sprouts in a container or plastic bag and then refrigerate. Eat your sprouts within 7 days.


  • You have the option to green up your radish sprouts before drying and refrigerating them. Simply leave your sprouts in an uncovered and sunny area, such as a windowsill, for about 30 minutes to an hour.

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