Hydroponic Gardening: 5 Resources That Will Help You Grow Without Soil

If you’ve ever wondered what hydroponic gardening was OR how to grow peppers hydroponically, you’ve come to the right place.

This type of gardening is a common method of many chile growers.


Unlike traditional gardening, you don’t use soil. This means less chance of insects. And if you’ve ever battled pepper pests and disease you’ll appreciate that!

Plus, you can also grow A LOT more peppers in a small amount of space.

hydroponic peppers

Curated below are five hydroponic guides that will give you a solid understanding of what this is all about.

Let’s start with an introduction (you can skip this if you’re already familiar with what hydroponics is)…

1. What Is Hydroponics?

If you’re new to hydroponics, this is where to start. This article from the USDA National Agricultural Library gives you more information on how this all works.

2. Hydroponic Nutrient and Growing Chillies

hydroponic pepper gardening

In a previous post, we explained the advantages of hydroponics as well as listed some of the different methods you can use.  Be sure to check this out before moving forward.

3. Fatalii’s Hydroponic Growing Guide

This growing guide by Fatalii.net gives a visual overview of the types of equipment and steps necessary to grow peppers hydroponically. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the images of how to build your own EBB and flood hydro system.

4. Hydroponic Peppers – Hydroponic Awesome!

In this video, Indoor Hydroponix discusses lighting, nutrient, media, grow method and production. Click the image below to watch.

5. Hydroponics Guide

This resource, provided by TheChileMan.org, describes the simple principles of hydroponics and how you can produce amazing results at a low cost.

The guide contains sections including:

  • A Description of Common Hydroponic Systems – Fundamental differences
  • Nutrients – Plant food to you and me
  • Lighting – Mimic the sun (at some expense) (​Here’s a ​grow light page if you’d like to read more about this.)
  • DIY – Make your own cheap and simple hydroponics system

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