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One who plants a garden plants happiness. —
Chinese proverb

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​​Learn to grow peppers and other veggies with our content — this includes free how-to guides, videos and ebooks. ​​​​Self-sufficiency is so empowering!

​​We’ll show you how to grow food without a garden so you can have homegrown produce​ no matter your space or time constraints.

​You’re in the right spot if ​any of this resonates with you:

You love hot peppers and ​want to learn to grow them in containers. (​It’s ok to like sweet ones too. 😉 )
​You’re a busy person who enjoys homegrown veggies, but you don’t want to go the traditional route of building a garden.​
​You’re interested in learning about growing kits and systems that have everything you need to get started fast. ​​
​​You​ want to learn to grow sprouts, microgreens​ and other indoor veggies. ​​
​​​You’re totally new to growing food​. ​​

​And, maybe you don’t like getting dirty? Hey, that’s fair! You can still grow too!!

We’ve got you. 🙂

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​What Would You Like To Grow?


Learn to grow peppers from seed in containers. ​(Note: ​A lot of these pages also work for other veggies too!)

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​Start Growing Peppers

Best for: People who don’t mind waiting a few months for chillies, and who have a little bit of outdoor space with at least 8 hours of sun. There’s a learning curve to growing peppers from seeds​, but the payoff is very worth it!

​Sprouts and Microgreens

​Sprouts and microgreens are ​plants that are eaten in their immature (seedling) stage. You can enjoy many veggies, herbs and edible flowers indoors including kale, swiss chard, radish, nasturtium, basil, cilantro, corn and a lot more!

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​How to Grow Vegetables Indoors for Beginners: Sprouts & Microgreens

Best for: People who want to grow food indoors in the quickest amount of time. With sprouts, you hardly need any space and sunlight isn’t even necessary!

​Indoor Garden Kits for Growing Food

​​​(Coming soon!) ​Learn about kits and indoor gardening systems that have everything you need to get started growing right away.

Best for: People who want to grow mature herbs and veggies indoors. These solutions are ideal for people who enjoy having all-in-one kits that take the guesswork out of growing food.

​Start Your Exploration

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