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You love hot peppers and ​want to learn more about them or even how to grow these chilies in containers. (​It’s ok to like sweet ones too. 😉 )
You’re excited about homegrown foods, but you’re not interested in all the work that comes with traditional gardening. (For example, digging up your lawn or building a raised bed.)
​You’re really interested in gardening kits that offer convenience and help you bypass the errors of a blind approach to growing. ​​
You​ have a non-existent yard and want to bring nature inside your home by growing kitchen crops like sprouts and microgreens.
​​​You’re totally new to gardening and you want to experience the joy of growing your own food. ​​

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Choose Your Growing Style

New Mexico Twilight Peppers

The Pepper Gardener

You love chilies and you’re thrilled about all the different types of peppers you can grow in containers.

The thought of seeing all those brightly-colored pods on the branches of your pepper plants makes you really happy.

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superhot pepper grower, carolina reaper plant

The Superhot Pepper Grower

Bring on the heat!

Whether it’s the endorphin rush, unique flavors or beauty of the pods, you’re happy to take on the challenge of growing superhots.

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The Indoor Grower

You want to green up your indoor space with a kitchen garden.

Whether this includes a single glass jar, a tray of microgreens or a growing system, you’re excited to see what these possibilities entail.

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Chocolate Plague and other extreme heat hot sauces

The Chilehead

You love peppers and fiery foods.

We’ll likely find you opening windows when you cook and taking hot sauce or chile powders to restaurants because the food is never hot enough.

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