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​​​You’re a chilehead that craves the heat of chilies and enjoys spicy products like hot sauces, salsas and pepper powders.​​

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Growing Peppers

Below are tools, guides and product recommendations to help you start growing any pepper variety that you’d like.

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What You’ll Need To Get Started:

Here are some of the products that we personally use to grow our peppers.

Seed Starter Kit

Bootstrap Farmer 72-cell seed starting kit with seed tray, cell tray & humidity dome.

Seedling Mix


Organic, 16-quart mix for starting seeds.

Seedling Heat Mat

Vivosun seedling heat mat & thermostat kit.

Grow Light

Use a plant grow light after pepper seeds germinate.

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Pepper Growing Ebooks

If you spend time on Grow Hot Peppers and save all the emails, you can piece together the information in our ebooks. Some people (like me) enjoy convenience, which is why we created downloadable PDFs containing illustrated, step-by-step content to guide you through the different stages of growing peppers. Here’s more about our books:

the pepper seed starting guide by grow hot peppers

Learn step-by-step how to start peppers from seeds and grow them into healthy plants.

the chile plant hospital ebook

A quick guide to diagnosing and treating some of the most common pepper plant problems.

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Microgreens & Sprouts

Find how-to guides and indoor gardening products that help you green up your indoor space with a kitchen garden.

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What You’ll Need To Get Started:

This is where we get our microgreen & sprout seeds as well as the growing kits that we enjoy.

Microgreen Seeds

Non-GMO, conventional Black Oil sunflower seeds. Sweet & mild microgreens.

Microgreen Kit

Sectional microgreens starter kit. Grow 8 different crops in one 10×20 tray.

Sprouting Seeds

Certified organic broccoli sprouting seeds.

Sprouting Jar Kit

Sprouting kits in 1-quart and 1/2-gallon size. Choose plastic or stainless steel strainer lid.

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Spicy Food Lovers

This is for people (chileheads) who must open windows when cooking and bring their own hot sauce to restaurants because the food is never spicy enough. Enjoy this collection of fiery posts and products. 🔥

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Recommended Products:

These are some of our favorite spicy products and resources.

Hot Sauce Set

Marie Sharp's Chef's Choice 4-Pack Set

Marie Sharp’s Chef’s Choice gift set. Includes 4 best sellers + 1 mini bottle.
(Discount Code: GHP10)

Dried Peppers

Variety of dried peppers online. Selection varies by season.

Make Hot Sauce

Hot sauce making kit. Includes heirloom peppers, recipes, bottles & labels.


Excalibur 9-tray food dehydrator ideal for drying chilies.

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Grow Hot Peppers was created in 2009 and is run by life partners Jenny and Jesse. We are both chileheads and have been growing all kinds of foods for over 10 years. We garden without digging up a yard or building raised beds. (Or, as we like to say “growing food without a backyard.”) >> Read more

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Our first pepper harvest. 😀

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